Overseas shipment

from Tuesday, August 25, 2015,
Our Overseas Delivery Service will be available!

You can purchase Japanese apparel and general goods from Tuesday, August 25, 2015. No need to apply for tax exemption forms!
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The Pioneer Japanese BtoB Purchasing Site


SUPER DELIVERY is a Japanese purchasing site for retailers, operated by
Raccoon Co. Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers-Listed Companies with securitiescode 3031). Raccoon is the pioneer who started first BtoB purchasing sites in Japanback in 2002.
We provide a seamless system that performs various purchasing tasks
from manufacturer matching to settlement substitution for FREE!


Ordering to Shipping Process Flow 


1. Order

Orders will be issued to each manufacturer via SUPER DELIVERY.

Payment Method

Credit Card or T/T(Telegraphic Transfer)

2. Collection

Products will be shipped to SUPER DELIVERY's warehouse from each manufacturer.

3. Shipping

Products will be shipped via DHL or EMS after inspection and packaging process at SUPER DELIVERY's warehouse. 
Shipping charges may vary depending on the shipping address, product weight, surcharges, etc.

No need to apply for tax exemption forms
No need for delivery procedures such as invoice creation.
* Import tax, import consumption tax or
VAT incurred during import will be charged to the buyer.
 Benefits of Pre-membership Registration
You don't need to wait for
our assessment process
You can get information on available products in advance.

It is expected that there will be congestion in the

registration process once the services start and it will

take a number of days before you can start using the

services. By pre-registering, the assessment stage

can be completed beforehand and you can immediately
use the services from Tuesday, August 25, 2015. 

If you pre-register, you will get notified about new items by weekly email.